Welcome to Fraserburg

Fraserburg is a small town in the Northern Cape province. A 5 hour drive from Cape Town, it is one of the most authentic and well-preserved Karoo towns left in South Africa. It is home to the famed Gansfontein Paleo surface, as well as the annual Logan Drama Festival, the longest established school drama festival in the country.

The first Europeans to settle in the area arrived here in 1780.

The town was established in 1851 and named after a Scottish immigrant cleric. the Reverend Colin Fraser, and a local church elder, Meyburg.

The Post-Office was opened in 1858, the Magistrate’s Office in 1859, the Police Station in 1860 and the Prison in 1861 (closed in 1968).

Fraserburg became a Municipality on 6 June 1862.

Die Peperbus (The Pepperpot), a well-known landmark in Fraserburg, was designed and built as an office in 1861 and stands 8.5m tall, with one door and one window, and served over the next 150 years as Magistrate’s Private Office, the Market Master’s Office, library, council chamber, School Board Office and Store room.

There are many Victorian-era houses in the town, dating to the era of the Wool boom in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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